Photoville New York City is a unique event that takes place overlooking the beautiful Manhattan sky line. The entire exhibit is built from re-purposed shipping containers, giving it a industrial feel. The fascinating part about this event is that it combines photo exhibitions, outdoor photo installations, talks, workshops, and night-time multimedia projections to show the different ways that photography can be created as art.

Click for Photoville’s site!

Pure seduction.
Pure seduction.

Of course the night would not be complete without a sultry seduction of Luis Yanes (kidding!) and the gorgeous Manhattan sky line…our Recipes with Luis star got a little intense during the photo shoot!


The event is located at Pier 5 in Brooklyn, right off of the bridge. Surrounding Photoville there is a gorgeous board walk, which is a great place to picnic with friends on one of the many tables available to the public. In addition, there is a soccer field and a volleyball court that overlook the water, making it a truly interesting area. Click here for directions to Photoville


This year Photoville expects to have as many as 80,000 visitors. The immersion and interactivity are at the heart of what makes this event so popular and fun, allowing it to become the largest annual photographic event in NYC.


As we viewed the various photography, we met a lovely man who showed us how to use his 50 year old camera. It was quite heavy! This camera takes absolutely gorgeous photos. He even took the below image of us with it!

The light bulb above is used by his 50 year old camera. Ever time the camera needs to use the flash it requires a bulb replacement. He mentioned that he had tons of extra bulbs in his bag ready to be used! The power of the flash is so strong that it burns the glass (as you see in the above photo).

"In the distance, I see my goal: BEER." -Luis
“In the distance, I see my goal: BEER.” -Luis

Luis in front of one of the many photo exhibitions. There were artists that focused on everything from war to fashion, social media to survival.

Click for more about the artists!


Luis pleased to be front of the line, after a long wait. The one challenging part of Photoville were the lines to get beer, however, it is worth it once you get it!


For those that don’t enjoy beer, there were some wine options. However, for me it required a trip to the wine store (only a short walk up the hill).


Happy with my wine choice!

Viewing the city from a different angle.
Viewing the city from a different angle.

And that’s a wrap. Photoville was eye opening and it made us have a different perspective of the world around us…especially for Luis here who decided to look at NYC from a different angle!

Check out Photoville while its here! It runs from September 18 to the 28th!


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