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Being in the tourism industry right now is scary. For the last three weeks, I’ve been confused about how to make my business work in an environment where it is not possible to travel. I’ve cried and I’ve laid in bed thinking this is all a bad dream. However, I’ve also realized that the longer I do nothing, the worse my business will end up long term. That’s why I’ve decided to get off the couch, put down my phone, and start to innovate. I’ve started doing virtual tours of New York through YouTube because I can’t meet people in person. Luis and I started a cooking show themed to New York from our home. I’ve re-launched my course on running a successful online business. History has shown us that some of the greatest creations have come through times of crisis when we don’t know where to turn. As a New York tour guide and company owner, one of the things I’ve learned from studying the past is that history repeats itself. We’ve survived over 20 pandemics and always made it out stronger than before. Although this feels like it will last forever, it won’t. New York has made it through the violent mid-1800’s, 9/11, the Swine Flu, hurricane Sandy, the revolutionary war, and much more. We’re going to make it through COVID19 too. If you are a small business owner, like me, one of the resources I’ve used for ideas on how to innovate has been @GoDaddy’s Open We Stand site. It has resources for entrepreneurs and connects you with others business owners who are impacted by COVID19 and are finding innovative ways to make their business thrive. Coming together during a time like this is essential. #OpenWeStand #GoDaddyPartner

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