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What you need to know:

Playing Off-Broadway in an authentic New York speakeasy that was actually used as a meeting place by the notorious Tammany Society, The Imbible sweeps audiences along a 10,000-year journey through history and across the globe accompanied by craft cocktails and the vocal stylings of The Backwaiters acapella group.

The Imbible was a highly engaging and thoroughly thought out performance that enlightens the viewer about the rich (and gross) history of beer and liquor. As the night progresses, you will get schooled on multiple stages of the evolution/history of drinking, learn the science of said drink, and understand how it has molded the present day. By the conclusion of the night, you’ll have enough information to ensure that you are able to justify your drinking problem even to your closest friends.

But thats not all.

The history of The Imbible is a story deserving of it’s own show. We interviewed Anthony Caporale, the star and playwright of this one-of-a-kind performance to discover how he came up with this concept. Check out the video above to watch the interview. 

Overall, the experience that was had was definitely unique with the right mixture of drinking, drinking, learning, and drinking- what can POSSIBLY go wrong!

To get tickets or learn more about the show check out The Imbible here. 


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