• What: An immersive, interactive theatrical experience
  • Where: The Slipper Room | 167 Orchard St, New York, NY
  • Cost: $20 – Get tickets here
  • When: Mondays – visit site for specifics on dates

It’s not often for me to find myself laughing hysterically on a Monday. Shotspeare was everything I needed to face the week; laughs, jokes, and shots. The regular stuff.

Shotspeare takes place at one of my favorite spots in NY – The Slipper Room. Their performances are shocking, entertaining and one of a kind – check out our last experience here. Upon entering the hidden lower east side theatre lounge, I was immediately surprised to see men in kilts pouring shots into the audience’s mouths before the show even started – but hey – this is Shotspeare, what do you expect?

After settling into our seats, the show began with a bang. This is an interactive and immersive theatrical experience in which the cast and the audience are one. In fact, one lucky audience member was invited on stage to be a part of the show. Certain audience members may find shot cards or a crown under their seats, all of which can affect the course of the performance (I won’t tell you how – that’s the surprise once you see it).

Above all my favorite part of the show had to be the Wheel of Soliloquy. This amazing creation involves the cast member performing a soliloquy (aka a monologue) to be challenged. Challenges include; the audience throwing socks at them, eating triscuts, being abused by Matt Morgan (the genius creator of the show), and much more that I’ll let you discover once you see the show. 

Above all, Shotspeare exceeds expectations. It is the essence of what NY theatre should be. 


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