Top Tips for Styling a Bodysuit on Holiday


If you have a holiday just around the corner, then you’re one of the lucky ones! You’re probably starting to think about what you’re going to do, see, and take along with you. Have you thought about a bodysuit or two? They’re incredibly comfortable, really flattering, and easily styled – so, they’re pretty perfect for throwing into your suitcase, as they’re also lightweight. Are you wondering how you can style your bodysuit when you’re away? It’s easy – here we are going to highlight some of the best ways to style a bodysuit when you’re on holiday.

Think About What Your Trip Will Involve

The climate, activities you’ll be doing, and culture of where you’re going on holiday will sway your decisions when it comes to what type of bodysuit you want to take along with you. For example, if it’s a very hot country you’re headed to, then you would be better off with a sleeveless bodysuit that you can pair with shorts or a skirt. If you’re going to be doing a lot of sightseeing, then supportive, fashionable bodysuits can be your secret weapon when it comes to keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Think about the bodysuits you own and what would be a great accompaniment for your trip.

Pick Your Style

As we have touched on, there are plenty of different types of bodysuits for you to pick from. You’ve got the choice of full length arm and leg cuts, strappy, high neck, strapless, and so on. So, think about when and how you can get wear out of different styles when you’re away. You could even take a few different options away with you.


One thing that’s great about bodysuits is that they’re super easy to layer up, so if you’re somewhere that has unpredictable or changeable weather, you can still look great when simply adding more clothing items to your look. Be sure to bring plenty of options to help keep you warm and comfortable, no matter what’s thrown your way. It’s always wise to bring along plenty of options when it comes to clothes, as well as to have a try on session before you go. This should ensure that you have plenty of outfit options and you’ll be prepared for any situation you find yourself in.

Dress it Up

Bodysuits aren’t just casualwear – they can easily be dressed up for when you’re getting your holiday glam on. Put on your finest accessories to bring your outfit to life. The beauty of bodysuits is they go with pretty much everything. If you get one that fits you nicely and is high quality, it can look really classy. As bodysuits are often pretty neutral pieces, that means you can pair them with more elaborate clothes. 

Once you’ve worn your bodysuit a few times you’ll know what works well and what doesn’t. They are great pieces to take on holiday as you can throw them on with anything and they’ll look and feel lovely.


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