Seeing New York City Solo – The Sights and Activities

NYC Skyline

When you think of destinations around the world that those with a passion for travel often set their sights on, New York City likely isn’t far from your mind. That being said, if you’re the kind of person who prefers to travel solo, you might be of the opinion that this isn’t a destination for you, that the true potential of such a place can only be unlocked when taken in a social context.

Well, that might not be the case. In a city like New York, there are going to be any number of activities, any number of different ways to enjoy it, and many different perspectives to take. This is without even considering your own personal subjective views on enjoying things in a group or solo.

The Experience of It

Perhaps most of all, you might just want to understand New York City as a place to spend time in, the way that you can only truly learn about a place by being there. Reading about a place, both in terms of what it’s like today, and the history behind it, can help to give you context, but you won’t be able to actually gauge it properly without your own experiences. This isn’t something that will all come to you at once; it’ll take time and different perspectives.

One day you might be walking through the bustling streets of Times Square and various iconic NYC neighborhoods; another might have you simply sitting in Central Park or on the sands of the beaches near the city center and absorbing the scenery. Even on rainy days or evenings, hearing the ambiance of the city from your hotel room while watching movies or reading.

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The Museums

However, it could be that those details, those which tie NYC into the greater historical picture, might be what you’re trying to learn more about. In this case, the various hotels in the city might help you do just that. While not all of them are bound to be solely focused on the town itself, there will be a great amount of general history that such a major city will have access to in its museums, and therefore could be well worth a visit.

The contemplative air that accompanies visiting the various exhibits at museums might better suit the solo visitor, though you might want to time your trip to avoid the mass crowds

You and the Variety

With a place as large as New York City, with all the people and experiences within it, one single trip might not be enough to get everything you want out of this. Truly seeing and experiencing the whole place might mean living there for multiple years. However, in order to at least make this trip as substantial as it could be, it might be worth thinking about what you personally enjoy.

When visiting a place, it’s tempting to feel as though you need to tick off the famous sights – such as the Statue of Liberty and catching a show on Broadway – but if you have no interest in them, they could only serve to bog down your trip. Whatever you favor most in travel like this, New York City will likely have something for you.


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