Top Tips for Working Remotely While Traveling The World


Thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, finding remote work is now easier than ever. Some industries do tend to lend themselves better for remote working than others, and these are often popular choices for people who want the opportunity to work remotely while traveling the world. Since many remote work opportunities only require you to have a computer and an internet connection – something that’s more widely available than ever before around the world today – fulfilling your dreams of working and traveling at the same time might be easier than you think. Whether you want to work on your own terms as a freelancer or are considering working for a company in a remote role where you are free to work from wherever you like, here are some of the main factors to consider to help you get started. 

Finding the Right Career:

First of all, it’s important to choose the right career if you want to be able to travel and work at the same time. Some careers are much easier to do when you are in a different time zone from your colleagues and don’t have many other requirements other than having access to the internet and a computer. Working in nursing is a popular choice for many people who are interested in traveling while working remotely since this is a job that can often be done from anywhere in the world. Nurses are always in demand, in virtually every country, so you can take your pick of nursing jobs and move from country to country. In the meantime, if you want to study nursing remotely, look into a non nursing degree to BSN online from Baylor University

Finding Somewhere to Work:

When you are traveling and working at the same time, you can’t do what most other remote workers do and set up a comfortable office at home. Because of this, finding somewhere comfortable and suitable for working is going to be a top priority for you. If you’re planning to visit a lot of different destinations, it’s worth doing your research before arriving, about places where you’ll be able to work including local libraries, coffee shops, coworking spaces, and more. Where you decide to work will largely depend on your personal preferences. Maybe you prefer the office-like vibe of a coworking space and the opportunity to meet with other remote workers who are also traveling, or perhaps you like a quieter spot in a coffee shop near the beach – it’s entirely up to you. 

Choosing Work-Suitable Accommodation:

There are lots of different factors to consider when choosing your travel accommodation including the price, proximity to things to do, facilities, and more. However, when you are traveling and taking your work with you, it’s also important to consider how suitable the accommodation will be if you are planning to work from there. Consider the strength of the Wi-Fi connection and if you are going to need to pay to use the Wi-Fi since this can quickly add up if you’re working remotely full-time. If you are staying in a hotel, it’s a good idea to check the facilities in the rooms since having your own desk and chair with an electrical socket nearby will make it much easier for you to get on with working from your accommodation. 

Getting Paid:

If you are self-employed or working as a freelancer in a role that you can do from your computer as long as you are connected to the internet, you have a lot of freedom to travel the world and take your work with you. All you need to do is pack your laptop when you go to your destination and find somewhere with a good internet connection that you can use to get on with working. However, if this is the situation that you are in, it’s also important to make sure that you are getting paid on time and on a regular basis to make sure that you can continue to enjoy your travels. Getting paid through money transfer apps is a good idea if you have clients from around the world, or clients from your home country can transfer your pay straight to your checking account. 

Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi:

When traveling and working at the same time, chances are that when it comes to connecting to the internet, you are going to be using public Wi-Fi networks quite a lot. This can be really useful when it comes to working out of public spaces like train stations, airports, coffee shops, and even shopping malls, but the truth is that you do need to be careful. Public Wi-Fi networks are often not as secure as others, and they are much easier for hackers to compromise, meaning that somebody with the right skill-set and motive could gain access to your device. The best way to protect yourself is to always use a VPN to connect. And when you’re traveling, a VPN can have many other great uses, like allowing you to access streaming content from back home that isn’t available in the country you’re visiting. 

Getting the Balance Right:

Working while you are traveling can be a lot of fun, but it’s also important to make sure that you’re not working more than you are traveling. There’s nothing worse than spending money to travel to and visit a destination only to realize when you leave that you spent most of the time there staring at your computer and didn’t see half as many of the sights or get as many of the experiences as you wanted. While working and traveling might not be a full vacation, it’s crucial to plan your schedule to make sure that you are not burning yourself out and missing out on all the amazing things around you. 

With remote working now easier to access than ever, working and traveling at the same time is a definite possibility for many people. Keep these tips in mind for an ideal experience. 


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