5 Tips for Traveling This Holiday Season

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No matter where you’re heading, travel may look a little different this holiday season. Although visiting family is a central part of many holiday traditions, it’s important to stay safe on your travels and prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

But don’t despair, there’s still a way to have Christmas dinner at home. With a few precautions—and lots of hand washing—it’s possible to travel safely over the holidays. Here are some easy tips to keep both you and your family safe.

#1 Research and Quarantine Before You Leave 

In order to be a considerate and responsible traveler, take time to research COVID-19 rates both in your current location and in your destination prior to departure. If infection rates are skyrocketing, it may be best to skip the trip.

Although ideally you would quarantine for two weeks upon arrival at your destination, for many folks that much time away from home isn’t possible. To limit exposure beforehand, isolate yourself as much as possible for at least ten days before departure. If you are still feeling anxious, try different strategies that may help you feel relaxed when planning your trip.

#2 Choose a Method of Transport

Flying, driving, and taking the train are all possibilities for your holiday travels. Think about the pros and cons of each transport-method to determine which one makes sense for you.

  • Traveling by Plane – Airplanes are undoubtedly the quickest way to get from point A to point B. And air circulation on planes has proven to be quite effective at cleaning and recycling air. The biggest drawback? Crowded airports and long lines at security can create extended exposure to infected passengers.
  • Traveling by Car – Driving to your destination gives you complete control over your environment.  You control the music, the heat, and where you stop. The biggest downside of driving is that it might take hours—or days—depending on the distance of your destination.
  • Traveling By Train – Train travel offers speedy connections but cramped cars and less-sophisticated filtration systems put you at risk. Additionally, train travel can be tricky if there aren’t direct connections to your destination. 

#3 Wear a Mask

Ah, your trusty mask! It’s important to “mask up” and protect yourself and others. Masks significantly decrease the spread of COVID-19 through respiratory droplets by shielding the nose and mouth of the wearer. So, we’ll say it once again: Wear. Your. Mask.

For long plane rides look for masks with nose-wires and adjustable ear loops for extended comfort. Some masks include a filter pocket, so you can add an extra layer of protection.

#4 Focus on Hand Hygiene 

Bring sanitizing wipes, gel, spray—you name it—on your trip. There’s no such thing as too much sanitizer. Be mindful about touching your face, and use sanitizer after touching any public surfaces like doorknobs or gas pumps. 

Feeling a little nervous about navigating the airport?

  • Wipe it Down – Thoroughly wipe down the area around your seat with a germ-killing antibacterial wipe when you board the plane. Don’t be shy about offering wipes to fellow passengers in order to sanitize their area too.
  • Wash Thoroughly –When you use a restroom, wash your hands for at least twenty seconds (that’s two rounds of “Happy Birthday”) to make sure you get rid of any germs.
  • Stay Calm – We know traveling during the pandemic is stressful, so incorporate meditation or other relaxation techniques into your routine to stay calm during your flight. For pre-boarding stress reduction, use fast-acting CBD vape juice that works to reduce anxiety. 

#5 Prepare as Much as Possible

For seamless, speedy holiday travel, check-in and print boarding passes before you arrive at the airport. Pack snacks and an extra mask in your carry-on so you can be as contact-free as possible. Keep items like IDs and tickets at the ready so you don’t need to rummage in your bag at security.

Remember to Breathe 

Holiday travel is stressful even during the best of times. Add a global pandemic on top of cranky children and endless security lines and you have a recipe for stress. 

In light of this, it’s important to remember to breathe. Think about why you’re traveling, and know it will all be worth it when you spend the holiday with your family. 


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