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In the midst of the concrete jungle, one is surprisingly able to find other small villages. A ninja village to be more specific, with ninjas creeping at every corner. You know, the ordinary stuff.

NINJA offers its fellow Ninja diners the opportunity to experience an authentic Japanese meal with a special show. We experienced what its like to sit down in a small village, eat a customary meal and partake in the century old tradition of having Sake poured down our throats. After we partook of the Sake drinking, it was time to get to meaty parts of the meal.

First stop was the NINJA DRANKS. We all got Golden Sake Falls, which consisted of basically never ending sake falling which was poured into a pyramid of shot glasses to then be consumed by our ninja party. Sparkling Yuzu sake was delicious, fruity and refreshing, while the Ninja star Martini was made of a super secret sweet mysterious black potion concoction (mostly resembling taste of black cherry we thought). We also had the Zen (ginger, honey, lemonade and vodka), which was also awesomely revitalizing.

A couple of the dishes here are shareable. Luis and I ordered the Sasuke set, which comes with Feta Cheese salad (think Greek salad), Batto Jutsu (terrine of lobster and asparagus) and Shrimp Tempura Roll. Along with this, we also got the Angus NY Strip steak and Chicken Teriyaki. This monstrous meal came with sides of corn, broccoli, and fries. Now the highlight, other than the delicious taste, was the extremely large portions that we got, but some of us (Luis, mainly) got through it like a champ.

Christen got the Ninja Sushi Combo, which came with 12 different Nigiri (vinegared sushi rice and slices of fish) and different pickled toppings to add crunch and flavor to the meal. As a major hint if you go here, make sure to order the items with Ninja stars, as these come with a performance from the master Ninjas themselves.

NINJA is the ultimate, unique New York dinner spot. Come here for the entertainment, stay for the food and drinks. We rate it an B+.

NINJA | 25 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013

NINJA is open daily from 5:45pm-11:00pm.


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