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As we stepped foot into the luxurious Manhattan Yacht, I knew I was in for a night of extravagance. Gleaming hardwood floors, lush decor and stunning cheese platters greeted us. We were thrilled to begin the wine and cheese tasting class aboard this wonderful vessel. Wendy Crispell, cheese and wine extraordinaire, began the class the best way possible, with a serving of delicious glass of Brotherhood sparkling chardonnay.

Photo credit: The Skint
Photo credit: The Skint

With my glass of sparkling wine in hand, I paused a moment to take in the atmosphere. It was the ideal holiday night; garland strung with white lights danced across the ceiling, views of Manhattan’s skyline floated outside the window and the Statue of Liberty stood proudly a mere 100 yards away. Wendy invited guests to step outside to admire the view from a closer look and happily we jumped up with our wine in hand to gaze at the beautiful scene. Throughout the 2 & ½ hour trip the yacht looped around the whole island of manhattan revealing breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge and Sparkling Skyscrapers.

Before the class began, I had a moment to chat with our host. Wendy is a certified cheese professional, award-winning culinary writer, known for her world-renowned cocktail creations, and is a French trained chef. She has traveled the world to get up close and personal insight into the culinary culture, traditions and trends in the world of food and wine. We knew we were in good hands! 

To begin the class, Wendy instructed us on how to fully experience the pairing of food and wine. It truly is a science. First taste the cheese then sip the wine and then have them together. Utilizing this technique you experience a completely different flavor than when you taste each components separately. Over the course of the 2 & a half hour trip we had 5 unique pairings.

Our first pairing was a Bourgogne Aligote, a dry unoaked French white wine. This was paired with a green grape encased in a mild goat cheese and sprinkled with pistachios. The cheese and the wine individually were both excellent. When tasted together the result was surprising and sublime! This was our favorite pairing. Such a simple combination with an amazing finish.

Another delicious pairing was a French red Beaugolais offered with Roomano cheese, red pepper and pecans. Roomano is similar to an aged Gouda, but with an intense flavor of sweet-salty butterscotch. The cheese is peppered with white flecks – calcium lactate crystals that form during extended aging – lending an assertive crunch. It was very memorable because of the crunch.

Our last pairing was a wine that was as unpretentious as it was delicious. “I Am Not Drinking Any $%&*#! Merlot” is unoaked and tastes of fresh dark fruits. A versatile wine, that is great with all types of meats & cheese. It was served with a strong, soft Cambozola cheese with dark chocolate. Pure heaven!

As the class came to a close and the beautiful yacht docked, we were having such a good time we could have stayed on the boat for hours! A trip aboard the Manhattan Yacht is a great holiday gift idea or a fun evening with friends & loved ones. They also offer wine tasting class all year long with interesting themes for each class such as their world tasting series, New World vs. Old World and many more. If you love wine, you’ll love this experience! 

The Wine & Cheese pairing class is $112 per person. Classes are generally offered several times a month and in a variety of themes. To book a class visit


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