Mixing Business with Travel


They say that business and travel is a complicated and difficult mix, from handling invoices and scheduling calls on the road to finding the right job whilst you’re traveling overseas. However, by incorporating some good tips for working while you travel, you may be better equipped to look after yourself, gain an income, and still spend time doing what you love. In fact, there are a variety of ways that you can mix business with travel. Read on to find out more. 

Use Invoicing

To keep confusion to a minimum whilst traveling, investing in invoice templates to simplify your payment processes is a sensible approach. FreshBooks.com will allow you to create invoices from templates, streamlining that process effortlessly. This way, rather than needing to craft bespoke invoices every single time you complete a piece of work, you can simply edit one of your templates and get them sent out. In addition to this, even if you are traveling, you may need to keep records of work you have undertaken, either due to a lack of payment, or to file any taxes. Having these invoices stored digitally will allow you to keep an eye on your earnings, and even use the files to plan and budget for your next adventure.

Consider Temping

While some types of business may be carried out remotely, no matter where you are in the world, others may mean that you need to take leave, or even resign, for you to be able to travel. Although this might free up your time, it can put a strain on your financial resources. Some people find it useful to take on temporary roles, applying just before they move to a new location. When doing so, it is important to still consider your attire, what you might pack in your suitcase and interviewing tips, as this might help to put you ahead of any other candidates. Ultimately, the job may not be glamorous, but it could be a means of earning a living, enjoying your time, and funding the rest of your journey.

Look After Your Health

When traveling and working, it’s tempting to get through as much work as possible, so you can make the most of your free time overseas. Although this can help you to get a lot out of your journey, you may only be capable of giving so much. For that reason, you might want to also consider slowing down a bit to help you recharge. Burning the midnight oil too often could not only lead to fatigue but may also play a part in mental strain or physical illness. Sometimes, having a few days to relax and unwind can be a good idea, especially just before or after moving to a new location.

It is possible to both travel and work at the same time. By thinking about the best ways that you can stay on top of finances, paperwork, and your own well-being, you may enjoy each destination a little more.


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