3 Days in NYC? We Have The Perfect Itinerary For You


The bustling metropolis of New York is always on the go. The frenetic lifestyle here means you could pass by people without ever really getting to know them. It’s daunting, yet achievable, to pack in all the iconic sights of NYC in the space of three days.

Day One- Downtown Manhattan

Every tourist, who wants to see all key locations, prefers to stay Downtown Manhattan. Living there is quite expensive, but if you stay there, you won’t spend much time on the road. The closer to Central Park your hotel will be, the better for you. For saving your budget you can book a hostel, it is cheaper than living in the hotel. If you come to NYC as gambling tourist, you will be interested in such places as Resorts World New York City, Empire City Casino, Casino Top Slots or Casino Joseph E MD where you can play for real money, just like you can do online at; https://www.slots.lv/.

Let us commence our sightseeing tour from Midtown Manhattan. Firstly, take a trip to Central Park and uncover the slopes, hire a rowboat, and offer food to the ducks. It can assist you in getting ready for a triumphant day. 

On the perimeter of Central Park is the location of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There you can observe numerous creations by famous artists, including those by Monet, Van Gogh, and Renoir, as well as huge assortments of antiques from old Egypt and Greek and Roman sculptures.

Journey to the Guggenheim Museum at the uppermost part of Central Park after stopping by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. To ascend the helical interior of the building, it will only take a couple of hours. It is ideal to explore Times Square after nightfall. You will be mesmerized by the colossal billboard screens’ fluorescent illumination.

Day 2- Museums and Theaters

A Broadway show must be experienced. In our plan for visiting New York City, it is one of the city’s major attractions. Get tickets at reasonable prices if current performances don’t interest you. Before your journey to New York City, it is advisable to buy them online. You should spend a few hours in the Museum of Modern Art before seeing a Broadway production.

It’s a distinct area where you can relish exhibitions of Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali pieces. Travel to the Empire State Building, the municipality’s fundamental vantage point, after leaving the museum. Ascend the peak of Rockefeller Center for the most spectacular outlook.

Broadway shows usually begin at 8 p. m., which provides you with ample time for a speedy dinner at a diner or eatery. You could also grab a hot dog or a slice of pizza and traverse renowned Wall Street. It is a destination for those who delight in the financial markets.

In the area where the twin towers previously existed, you can view the renowned bull sculpture, the stock exchange, the memorial to September 11, 2001, and two fountains. You could then attend the Broadway performance afterwards.

Arrive punctually as the bulk of theaters are not in the theater district but rather at crossroads. When that’s done, it’s time to go back to your accommodation, but if you don’t feel like dozing off, check out the Empire State Building and take in the dazzling city lights.

Day 3- Statue of Liberty and other sights

Start this day from the point of the old Highline train station. You will see a magnificent green alley where you can take great pictures for your social media. Follow it further south until you get to Battery Park where you can take a ferry that goes right past the Statue of liberty, Ellis Island, and finally Brooklyn Bridge (which we all know from movies!)

When you do return to midtown, visit the aircraft carrier. It is the decommissioned USS Intrepid, now operating as a museum. You will see the Concorde, the Lockheed Blackbird spy plane and the Space Shuttle Enterprise on board. The latest one has not been in space, but was used for mission’s test flights.

What Souvenirs to Buy in New York?

When visiting New York tourists bring caps T-shirts with the logo of “I love NYC”, and of course, the famous miniature Statue of Liberty. In addition to this traditional souvenir, you can surprise your friends and family was a popular beverage, sweets, and cookies from the United States.

For example, you might be interested in Maple syrup. By the way, it comes from Canada, but Americans loved it like their own.

Peanut butter– It’s fatty, caloric, and incredibly sweet. But it is some sort of tradition in America and locals love it so much. And we can understand them!

Candy and cookies have a special taste and they are extremely sweet.

Alcohol– Usually, locals used to drink Coca-Cola, but depending on your wishes you can also get local beer or gin and tonic, or even vodka.


It’s tough to come across someone who doesn’t crave to go to New York. A three-day jaunt is not realistic because the metropolis is so huge. But if holidaymakers to New York City don’t have much time to spend there, we’ve outlined the most essential attractions and sites in this review as concisely as we could. You now comprehend how to make the most of New York City in a limited span of time!


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