How to spend the best Christmas vacations in Cancun 2022


Cancun is an ideal destination for summer vacations and spring breaks. But people need to know that Cancun offers the best atmosphere during the holidays in December and January. For many of us, the holidays are a time of snow and activities with the fireplace or heating on. However, in Cancun, this is entirely different.

Keep reading and discover the thousands of activities you can do in Cancun this holiday season.

Spend Christmas at one of Cancun’s resorts

Spending the holidays at a Cancun resort is always a good idea. How about a relaxing day with a piña colada in your hand, relaxing on a deck chair while listening to the ocean waves, and enjoying a cool but sunny day? 

When spending December in Cancun, this will be one of the activities you can enjoy during your stay in any of the Cancun resorts.

Besides all the places you visit inside and outside the hotel, you can enjoy massive Christmas decorations and Merry Christmas carols. Most resorts offer typical Christmas food on their menus during the holiday season. In addition, you will find shows and even activities within the resorts that are themed for the season. You may even find that Santa Claus makes a quick visit on Christmas Eve during your stay.

Festive mood in the city

We already know that Cancun has a relaxed atmosphere during the day and a party atmosphere at night, which is why you will find parties everywhere. The beach clubs are preparing Christmas party themes, and the restaurants and hotels will always have giant Christmas decorations. Bars and clubs will be no exception.

Even when December and January are the busiest months in Cancun, you will find a relaxed atmosphere. However, you should know that most tours and activities should be booked in advance. Ideally, one or two months before your trip. Some of these services will be Car Rental Cancun, Hotels, Restaurant Reservations, and even Tours in or out of Cancun. Some people even prefer to spend Christmas in Cancun and New Year’s Eve in Playa del Carmen, for which renting a car in Playa del Carmen will be a good option.

What to eat in Cancun for Christmas?

Whether you stay in a hotel, resort, or Airbnb, you can find hundreds of options for typical Mexican Christmas meals in Cancun. Some of the dishes you can’t miss are:

Christmas stew

Stuffed turkey

Fruit salad

Smoked sweet chops.

To go with it, you can order a “Noche Buena” beer commemorating the date, which is usually available in all restaurants during this time of the year.

Restaurants of the Rosa Negra group and Plaza la Isla offer midnight shows to celebrate the holidays, a good option if you spend the holidays in an upscale restaurant.

What to do in Cancun for Christmas?

You can do many activities at Christmastime during your stay in Cancun, such as boat rides, dinners on pirate boats, and even swimming with whale sharks during the day. At night, going to a hotel, resort, or restaurant will also be activities that you will love.

Another routine activity for travelers who decide to spend Christmas in Cancun is to visit the famous Cirque du Soleil. This show will delight young and old alike. You can enjoy theatrical and artistic performances in this show with a delicious three-course dinner.

If you plan to move from your hotel to the Restaurant, you should book a Cancun Airport Transportation service. Book in advance, so you will not have to wait for cabs or public buses to reach your destination.

Mexican Christmas Traditions

If you are a fan of Mexican culture and want to experience for yourself a traditional Christmas at home. In that case, you should know that the Christmas traditions in Mexico are the following:


Posadas are parties in which only family or close friends can be involved. This holiday celebrates the arrival of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem to give birth to baby Jesus.

Within the Christmas starter pack, you will find Fruit Punch, with sugar cane, peaches, and apples, among other delicious fruits, accompanied by cinnamon.

You can also try stuffed turkey, romeritos, and Christmas meat or fruit pies.

What to do on Christmas Eve in Cancun

Christmas Eve is one of the most anticipated family celebrations, where Mexicans usually exchange gifts and hugs. Many of them even invite close friends to spend the holiday. Naturally, food and drink are a must. At midnight, you will hear “Merry Christmas” shouts everywhere, as well as fireworks and music.

Generally, on Christmas Eve, many establishments are closed, except for hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants, where thousands of people choose to spend these dates.

What to do in the New Year in Cancun

New Year’s Eve is the second date why thousands of people decide to travel to Cancun in December and early January. This holiday is typically celebrated in a big way with friends, family, or acquaintances.

The New Year’s tradition in Mexico is to eat 12 grapes, commemorating the 12 months of the year. For each grape, you should make a wish or set new goals (most start by exercising or doing a new recreational activity).

Some nightclubs offer parties with DJs or events commemorating the coming year; some serve shots instead of grapes! Again, an enjoyable activity to do with friends.

If you plan to stay for February, you should prepare for tamales because on Three Kings Day (January 6), whoever breaks the “rosca” and takes out a doll (commemorating baby Jesus) will have to give tamales for the day of “La Candelaria,” which is celebrated on February 2 of each year.


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