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The name of this experience is Santorini Fabulous Tour for a reason. It was luxury at it’s finest. Throughout the tour we visited three wineries, had VIP tastings at each one, and explored the island of Santorini all in the comfort of a luxury car service.

Underground tour at Koutsoyannopoulos Winery
Underground tour at Koutsoyannopoulos Winery
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We were picked up at our hotel and greeted by our driver who was eager to make our day the best it could be. Our first stop was a charming winery on a breezy hillside with cobblestone walkways. Koutsoyannopoulos Winery had a unique underground cave museum that included a guided tour on the history of their wine. Once the tour ended we waddled our way to the tasting room where we were paired with Christos, our fun and engaging guide, who walked us through tasting of four wines and even offered us a “sample” (aka shot) of their Greek Vodka. We left the tasting giggling, with many selfies and Snapchat videos with Cristo. Our Unique Tour’s guide was ready and waiting in our car service to bring us to the next spot, which blew us away.

Ventetsanos Winery is a honeymooners dream.  The winery is set on the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean and volcano. It is unique in that the winery set up pipes at the top cliffs and used gravity to transport the wine to the port for trading. We did a wine and cheese pairing that was both a visual feast and delicious. We tasted five wines; two whites, a rose, a red, and a dessert wine. It was heavenly.

The overlook at Ventetsanos Winery
The overlook at Ventetsanos Winery

The whites were Santorini, a dry wine with a high acidity that pairs well with chicken or turkey, and Niktery, a wine with aromas of apple and pear with smoother acidity. The rose, Anagallis, was a charming taste of rose and cherry. Its unique flavor is derived from aging in French oak.  The red, Mandilaria variety, had a fruity aroma and paired well with prosciutto and pâté. The dessert wine, Liastos, was the perfect finish with a sweet flavor coming from sundried grapes, which brought out aromas of chocolate, raisins and figs.

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The last winery on the tour was Boutari Winery, which was surrounded by their vineyard on all sides. Here the tasting included six wines in an attractive tasting room. We had wines with aromas of banana, oak, vanilla, cinnamon, and more. The variety of wines Boutari produced was astounding.

Boutari Winery
Boutari Winery

After our last winery, our Unique Tour’s guide brought us to the Red Sand and Black Sand beaches where he shared his local knowledge of the area.  One conversation led to another and he gave us a restaurant recommendation for the night. As he was driving us back to our hotel, we stopped at Karina’s Taverna, he introduced us to the owner and we made a dinner reservation on the spot. It was the best food we had on the island and thanks to our Unique Tour’s guide we were treated like family.

Red Sand Beach
Red Sand Beach

The Santorini Fabulous Tour went above and beyond our expectations. For more information on doing this tour visit


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