The Most Unique Restaurants & Bars of Dallas


Texas is known to serve the best BBQ in the states and Dallas is no exception. However, the food scene does not stop there. Here visitors and locals can find incredible restaurants, bars, lounges, speakeasies, and more through the city. Dallas’s immense variety of dining options can satisfy even the most picky eater. 

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After visiting the city recently, connecting with locals, and speaking with professionals in the Dallas food scene, this is my list of the most unique restaurants and bars in the city. 

Before we dive into the list, check out my video on the best restaurants and bars of Dallas. It features exclusive interviews from some of the best chefs and mixologists in Dallas! Subscribe on YouTube here. 


Edison cocktail at The Tipsy Alchemist
Edison cocktail at The Tipsy Alchemist

In all of my travels, I have never seen a bar so creative and innovative with their cocktails. At The Tipsy Alchemist, you’ll have expertly crafted drinks created by head mixologist Wilborn Blalock. You’ll see everything from fire, to liquid nitrogen, to bank tubes that shake drinks by shooting cocktails across the ceiling. If you’re a mezcal lover (think a smokey version of tequila) then you need to try the The Samba. It’s one of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted.


Tater tot nachos at Beto & Son
Tater tot nachos at Beto & Son

Created by father and son duo, Beto & Son’s serves modern Mexican in a innovative way. Chef Beto has had a successful career in the restaurant industry, and his son, Julian Rodarte is now following in his footsteps (quite well given that he has recently been awarded the Zagat 30 under 30 award). My favorite part about this spot is that they aim to prepare as much as they can right in front of your table. Order the guacamole or the liquid nitrogen cocktail, and you’ll be entertained with culinary theatrics in front of your eyes. I recommend ordering the tater tot nachos, pork carnitas, tenderloin steak, and the liquid nitrogen margarita. If you’re lucky, you might be served by Julian himself, who is quite easy on the eyes. 😉  


Cocktail at Truth & Alibi
Cocktail at Truth & Alibi

This bar is unique because it is a candy shop speakeasy. Meaning on the outside it looks like a candy shop, however, there is a secret entrance on the inside to a bar with a modern gothic vibe. To get in you need to check their facebook page to receive the password. Once you arrive, the bouncer will not let you in unless you know it so don’t come unprepared!


Prepare to have the best BBQ in Texas at Pecan Lodge. This popular spot was originally a food truck, but today they serve BBQ to over 1,000 people a day. Often the lines here are long, so an insider tip is to go straight to the bar and order from there. This way you can skip the whole line and it saves you tons of time. Another great time saver is to order in bulk. There is a special line just for this so if you have a party of 5 of more it would be a good idea to check out that option. My favorite thing to order here are the burnt ends, however, you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. It is all amazing!  


If you love live music and beer, this place is for you. The Rustic has a huge outdoor space where local musicians play live every night. They serve seafood from the Gulf, steak sourced from local ranchers, and produce grown by local farmers. At The Rustic bartenders pour the most prolific collection of local beverages around; they have 40 beers on tap, including 35 local craft beers, and a collection of local spirits and wines.


If you’re going to Texas then you must try Tex Mex. It is the Texan version of Mexican cuisine. Often this involves more cheese and refried beans than Mexican food. It is super tasty and a lot of restaurants offer it, but one of the local favorites is E Bar Tex Mex. They have great prices and even more delicious food.


The coolest part about Parliament, besides it’s expertly crafted cocktails, is that when it rains the drinks are half price. So if you find yourself in the rare Dallas rainstorm, head over to this Jazz age inspired bar and endulge.

If this list was helpful for you, consider sharing it with a friend that will be visiting Texas! Or if you have any other suggestions, comment below your favorite places and let the world know.


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