The Best Way To See The City Of Brno


There is no better way to see Brno than from a bird’s eye view. As a flying fanatic, I booked a 20-minute sightseeing tour through to experience flight first hand. If you haven’t flown in a small plane, I absolutely recommend it. It is quite different than a large commercial plane. The experience is incredibly freeing!

For the best representation of the tour, watch the video above. I think my excitement for flying shines through here! It was an exhilarating trip. My pilot, Philip from Herbst Aero, shared my enjoyment for flight. He has been flying for seven years and has an international license; meaning he can fly anywhere in the world thanks to rigorous training courses he had to take in the Czech Republic and the US.

Throughout the tour, Philip pointed out various landmarks and explained their significance to Brno. Having an in-flight tour guide seriously trumps having an on- the-ground tour guide. It was epic!

I was a guest during this experience. However, the opinions are my own. To book a tour visit A twenty minute flight is 138 €. They also offer 40-minute flights.

A Few Of My Favorite Photos Of Brno From The Ground:


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