What It’s Like to Ride a Peruvian Paso Horse


My Peruvian Paso horse galloped along the Lurin Valley coastline as hundreds of seagulls flew above searching for their next treat. The breeze from the sea transported the call of wild birds over the crashing waves.  It was a whimsical day, almost dreamlike in beauty.

I had never ridden a Peruvian Paso horse, however, I had read that they are one of the most trainable horses in the world. Upon arrival to the Cabalgatas Ranch, I expected this horseback riding experience to be similar to my past trips; which involve me angrily tugging on the reigns as the horse carelessly ate grass along the trail. This was not the case with the Peruvian Paso horse.

As I rode my beautiful black stead, I felt as if I was a professional rider. These horses are some of the best in the world and even with my unclear commands (due to limited knowledge of riding); the horse did everything I wanted it to. I imagine much of this was due to the exceptional training it received from the Cabalgates Ranch, as well as its bloodline.

The ride was along the Pacific coast and Lurin Valley desert. It was an hour long and incredibly peaceful. The Lurin Valley beaches seemed to be overlooked by tourists, as there was no one on them lounging on the sandy shore. This was lovely because we had the whole area to ourselves. I felt as if we owned the beach!

Check out our video below of our experience and if you decide to visit Cabalgatas please read our notes on directions because it can be tricky to get there.


To get to the ranch, you should take an Uber from your Lima residence (only use Uber in Lima, taxi’s rip you off) to Lima 16, Lurín, Peru. It takes about an hour. There is no signage for the ranch and it is a bit difficult to find. The entrance is a gated door with a brownish-orange color. They describe it as cantaloupe color but I think it is a bit more faded than that. There is also minimal cell phone signal in the area, so make sure you give yourself extra time to find the location. We arrived minutes before our tour left because we got lost. I’m happy we got there in time because the experience is absolutely worth the hour-long trek from Lima!

We were guests of Cabalgates, however, the opinions are our own. To learn more about the tours and excursions they offer visit Cabalgates.com.pe.


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