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A journey through the Cape Cod dunes will leave you awestruck. Hop in a car with an expert guide and wind through sandy paths of wispy grass, dark pine trees and deep red beach plums nestled among beautiful sloping hills. One of our favorite parts about Art’s Dune Tours is the variety of adventure excursions they offer. It was hard to choose only one to do! Our first choice was their “Saturday night special” which includes the dune tour, a bonfire on the beach and dinner during sunset. However, that was booked so we choose the dune tour and dinner on the beach during sunset. It was absolutely lovely!

Currently in their 70th year of operation, Art’s Dune Tours started off in 1946 with a 1936 Ford Woody. Today they have more updated transportation vessels, however, the experience is still authentic. As a Cape Cod classic activity that is unlike anything else to do in the area, it’s something you should consider checking out while visiting.

Throughout our tour, our guide told us about the history of the area and shared tons fun facts. For example, it’s possible to rent out the “dune shacks” where famous artists and writers like Eugene O’Neill and Harry Kemp became inspired to create their art. However, you need to get your reservation about a year in advance because they fill up fast!

My favorite part of the tour was when they let us explore the dunes on foot. We were able to run up and down the sand and jump from top to bottom. It was exhilarating! The group we were with consisted of a family and of course I fit in more like one of the kids than the adults. They were logrolling down the dunes and laughing up a storm. As much as I wanted to join them in logrolling down the hill, I felt it would be a bit out of place for a 27 year old. None the less, you better believe that I jumped into the dunes a couple of times!

After about a 45 minute tour of stunning dunes, we headed to the beach and had a clambake dinner while watching the sunset. Our meal was true New England style with steamed lobster, clams, corn, and of course Clam Chowder. Watching the sunset on a practically private beach while eating delectable Cape Cod cuisine was the perfect way to end our week long trip.

If you’re interested in attending a tour, check out Be sure to read through their adventure excursions. There are tons of unique experiences available for guests!


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