10 Must-Visit Destinations on Your Singapore Yacht Charter Holiday

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Singapore is a fantastic yacht charter destination as it gives access to numerous must-visit sailing destinations. It is in the very heart of Asia so you won’t run out of exciting locations to set sail to. You would totally be on a sailing adventure high as it is surrounded by Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia! You’d have hundreds of islands to choose from and luscious parts of the planet to explore. To help you get the most out of it, we’d enlist ten of the must-visit locations that you should definitely check out on your yacht charter holiday in Singapore!

Destination #1: Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island is Singapore’s gem! Known as the ‘forgotten island’, this island is highly preserved and not visited by many. You’d enjoy the lux seclusion and peace that it brings. It is quite a treat to visit if you have limited sailing time. You’d love how it can easily allow you to escape the cosmopolitan demands of the world even if it’s just a blink away from the city.

Destination #2: Langkawi

Langkawi is a famous sailing destination in Malaysia. It is a breathtaking island that boasts of wondrous geological formations and ancient mangroves. You’d highly enjoy its white beaches. Caves, coral reefs, and limestone. It holds a Global Geopark status from UNESCO. As a day would not be enough to explore the amazing Malaysian island, you’d be glad that you have numerous five-star hotels to choose from in the area. 

Destination #3: Belitung

Belitung is a breathtaking Indonesian island. Sandwiched between Borneo and Sumatra, the island boasts beautiful granite rock formations surrounded by calm waters. The island is perfect for amateur sailors that enjoy peaceful and relatively simpler sailing. You’d get the most out of sailing here if you’d get a super yacht charter in Singapore as your passage will be supremely easy. While island-hopping, take note of the granite rocks that form a bird’s head and sailing vessels. 

Destination #4: Tioman Island

Singapore yacht charterers love Malaysia’s Tioman Island because apart from the fact that it is extremely beautiful, the island is also duty-free. As it is duty-free, shopping is more fun and exciting. Tioman is a marine park that is covered by rainforests. It has multiple beaches that are perfect for snorkeling and diving. It’s also home to the beautiful Asah waterfall that can be reached via an exciting trek through the jungle. 

Destination #5: Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat translates to ‘Four Kings’ in Indonesian. Such a name is well-deserved as this Indonesian destination is truly kingly and majestic. It is a top sailing destination as it will have you choose from over 1,500 small islands, shoals, and cays. You’d love its rich marine ecosystem that houses 1300 types of coral fish and 75% of the world’s hard coral population. Sailing enthusiasts who love diving and snorkeling also love Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is fun to explore via yachts and even kayaks. 

Destination #6: Bintan

If you love turquoise waters and sandy beaches and enjoy staying at luxury resorts, Indonesia’s Bintan island is for you. It is rich in man-made and natural attractions that will have you enjoy a full day of island hopping. You’d make the most out of exploring Bintan if you’d book a private yacht charter in Singapore as you’d get to explore more secluded areas. When in Bintan, you shouldn’t skip your chance to try delicious Asian dishes.

Destination #7: Anambas Islands

Anambas is located in Indonesia’s northernmost island chain. Sailing around the area is fun as you’d have 255 islands to explore. These islands boast of breath-taking lagoons, especially the ones found at Pulau Rongkat and Pulau Bawah. Anambas Islands are ideal if you truly want to feel secluded and far from the world. Its most secluded island has the Selat Rangsang Beach which is even hidden by four smaller islands. This makes Anambas Islands the best destination if you truly want to get away from it all during your sailing holiday! 

Destination #8: Batam

Tourists in Singapore and Malaysia love Batam. It is part of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle free trade zone so you can be sure that there is plenty to check out on the Island. From Singapore, you can reach Batam via speed boat in just 40 minutes. Batam is one of the most-loved sailing destinations in Southeast Asia as it houses luxurious spas, excellent golf courses, and fabulous shopping malls. 

Destination #9: Kupang

Kupang will be your first port of entry if you’re coming from Australia and you’d travel to Indonesia by sea. This easily makes Kupang one of the top sailing destinations in Southeast Asia. It is part of the famous Sail Indonesia route where hundreds of yachts from Australia make their way to Indonesia through Kupan and towards Singapore. Kupang is a historic port city that still reflects Indonesia’s past when it was colonized by the Dutch and the Portuguese.

Destination #10: Phuket

Last but definitely not least, a yacht charter sailing holiday in Singapore would also be fantastic if you’d get to visit thrilling Phuket. Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island and it is considered one of the best sailing destinations in Southeast Asia. Sailing around Phuket is simply breathtaking. Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, you’d love the island’s tropical paradise that houses lush greenery and astounding limestone cliffs and rocks. If you’re into diving, you should check out the emerald green waters of Ko Racha Noi. If you’re lucky, you’d even get to swim with manta rays! Don’t forget to check out what’s a good time to visit Phuket though!

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