The Complete Guide To Traveling On Budget for Business


When you have a business abroad, you will have to travel time and again. As much as this is very necessary, it can be costly. Therefore, if you want to save money, you need to travel on budget. Are you looking to travel on a limited budget? You came to the right place! This article discusses tried and tested tips on how you can travel on budget.

Travel Out of Season

If you want to spend less money on your trip, it is recommended that you avoid doing so on holidays. It is during the holidays that the travel industry hikes the prices to capitalize on the increased demand. You should do thorough research on the ideal time to travel to your destination, and then schedule a date that is out of season. This tactic is commonly referred to as “shoulder season”, and involves people traveling when everyone else is busy at school or at work. During this time, airlines and hotels lower their prices to attract customers.

Create a Plan

If you have the luxury of money and time to spare, traveling spontaneously is very exciting. However, if you are traveling on a budget, coming up with a plan is the first thing you need to do. For instance, you should know how much you will spend and how long you will stay in each city. You should also identify the route that your epic trip will take. 

Without a concrete plan, you are more likely to suffer serious challenges. Basic things like converting your currency to that of the country you are traveling to can help you significantly. This is very important, especially when faced with a need to send money back home while you are still on a business trip or where you’ve traveled back to the US and would still like to send money abroad for business or personal purposes. Remember, always to do your research and find a reputable service that sends money to the destination where you’re planning to transfer money. Taking advantage of an international money transfer comparison site, like, will help you make an informed decision with your money wiring.

Be Accommodation Savvy

Spending a night in expensive hotels can affect your budget. You can always trade expensive hotel suites for dorm rooms in hostels. This is not hitting rock bottom, but a very reliable method of saving money on travel. By sharing a room, you share the cost of accommodation with the people you have gone on the adventure with. Some of the other alternatives to this method is using websites like Couchsurfing and Airbnb. These sites allow you to book a spare room in a local person’s apartment or house. 

By doing so, you could cut down the price by half, allowing you to save more money and reduce the cost of travel. You should consider your host a personal tour guide, and you can ask them to give you tips on the best places to visit and eat in that town. Even better, you can opt to stay with your family or friends in that city. Contact the people you know in that city and plan a trip to a place near the residence of your friend or family. Keep in mind that these people already know your preferences and could turn out to be the best tour guides. 

Book Flights in Advance

One mistake most travelers make is not booking flights in advance. It is very important that you book your flight in advance especially on return flights. It is not a good feeling to run out of money abroad without a ticket home. Depending on the airline you are using, you should strive to get your return ticket in advance.

Pack Properly

It is a good idea to bring everything you need so that you don’t have to shop while on travel. No matter your destination, it is recommended that you take at least one pair of jeans, a waterproof jacket and a warm hoodie. This is because you know the kind of weather your destination has. To save on check-in baggage fees, pack everything in an expandable carry-on travel backpack. Look for the one that has multiple compartments and the right size that meets airport requirements for carry-on bags.

Avoid Overspending

You can buy cheap lunch in a local fresh food market or even supermarkets. This is cost-effective compared to buying it in an overpriced restaurant or cafe. It is important to do research before choosing a venue to eat or enjoy dinner. Failure to do so, you might end up eating at an expensive restaurant that will mess with your budget. Given that food is a basic need, you will have to eat every day. You can imagine how much it will cost you if you happen to eat in an expensive restaurant. 

Be Smart About How You Fly

To save on the cost of travel, it is a good idea to travel on a Tuesday. Midweek travel prices are lower compared to traveling on weekends. This is because most people tend to travel on weekends, increasing the demand for airlines. You can also consider flying economy class, which saves you a good amount of money.


The cost of traveling can be extremely high if you fail to plan. Use the tips discussed in this article to start traveling cheaper and on budget.


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