5 Things to Do When Waiting for Your Flight


It is a good practice to be at the airport hours before your flight to ensure that you have ample time to check in your luggage, obtain your boarding pass, and get through immigration, all before the last boarding call. However, waiting in a lounge at the airport may also get boring, especially when you encounter flight delays. Nevertheless, there are several ways to fill in time while waiting for your flight.


There are several shops in the airport and more often than not, the products that they sell in these particular shops are not available elsewhere. However, the items sold in airport shops may prove to be expensive, but even if you end up buying nothing, looking around is still a great way to spend some time while waiting for your flight. If you do have some cash to spare, spend it to buy a little something for the ones you left back home.


Airline cuisine may not be the best, but at least it keeps you nourished. But if you really are not much of a fan of airline food, try and get some grub while waiting for your flight. Often times, airports have several fast food spots, restaurants, and cafes that cater to the craving needs of people in transit.


Most airports nowadays already offer public Wi-Fi that you can connect to in order to surf the web. Take advantage of this and keep your family and friends updated on social media about your current whereabouts. You can also take some time to read about the latest news happening at your destination.


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If you are a frequent traveler, then it is best to consider signing up for a frequent flyer program that will provide you with access to exclusive lounges that are specifically intended for their VIP members. In these lounges, there are a number of things that you can do to kill time while waiting for your flight such as getting a nice platter of food or simply lounging in comfortable chairs.

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To wrap things up, waiting for your flight on a lounge in the airport is definitely better than rushing to the airport to make it to your flight. This is because trying to get on time before the last boarding call is undoubtedly stressful and no one really prefers to be stressed out before embarking on a plane. If you are already bored, try out some of the things mentioned above to kill time while waiting for your flight.


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