Balancing Loneliness and Long Term Travel


Solo travel has numerous benefits. It gives you time to think about yourself and gain a deep understanding of who you really are and what you want in life. Your journey will be smooth, with no disruptions from your family, kids, partners, or colleagues. But traveling alone has its own set of downsides. Loneliness may hit you and you may feel like your life is falling apart. Fortunately, this guide will equip you with 7 strategies for overcoming your loneliness and making your long-term travel enjoyable.

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1.      CALL HOME

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One of the easiest ways to cure loneliness while traveling alone is calling the people you care about. They can be your parents, partner, kids, or even best friends. You can call them via Google Voice or Skype. You can take the experience a notch higher through FaceTiming or video-chatting, especially if they’re savvy. Those lovely voices will go a long way in neutralizing your blue moments.


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Getting out, interacting with people, and making new friends can be an effective solution to your loneliness. Surprisingly, very few long-term travelers think about this quick fix to their loneliness problem. If you’re staying in a hostel, talk to other travelers and find out if hanging out for a couple of hours is something they’d like to do. You can either put up a notice on the board or chill out in the hall or kitchen where you can start a conversation with one or two travelers. You can talk about things to do and the amazing places they have visited. You’ll discover that you aren’t the only solo traveler and people are normally willing to share tips.

3.      TAKE A WALK

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It is easy to spend the whole day in bed when you’re in despair. But that’ll only make things worse. The best thing to do is to go out and explore the neighborhood that you’re in. Bring a map with you if you want to discover hidden treasures. Finding something to do will help keep your mind off the fact that you’re actually alone. London is without a doubt the best destination for your next solo trip. When visiting certain destinations, you’ll find that there are great group tours you can join that enable you to not only gain a refreshing feeling but also get familiar with a completely new experience and adventure which is quite challenging.


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If you don’t feel like being alone any longer, consider finding one or two travel partners. Having travel companions can sometimes enhance your experience. Talk to other travelers in your hostel and find out who is heading where and whether they are willing to have you tag along. There’s nothing wrong with having travel partners. Maybe all you need is a brief break from traveling alone.


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Outdoor events attract so many people and participating in a group activity can cheer you up easily. A merry environment is probably the best way to meet and make new friends as a long-term traveler. If you aren’t intimidated by crowds, you can take part in any outdoor happening.


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Staying with someone can enrich your travel experience and keep feelings of loneliness away. You can find people who are willing to stay with you through Airbnb. Staying with a local family allows you to experience life differently than you would from a hotel room. Florida is an excellent travel destination for long-term travelers who want to stay in vacation rentals where they can interact with locals. So when you visit Florida, remember to book a vacation rental.  


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Is there something you have always wanted to try out? Perhaps it is scuba diving, sky diving, or horseback riding. It could also be learning a new language or taking a cooking class with the experts. Now is the right time to face your fears and do that one thing you’ve been procrastinating on.  Taking a new challenge may be difficult at first, but once you get used to it, it can be your new passion.

Loneliness is a common feeling among many solo travelers. Don’t let it overwhelm you and tear you down. Put in place strategic measures to minimize those blue moments. Remember to stay positive throughout the time you’ll be away on a solo trip.


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