Tips for Moving to Another State or Country


Whether you’re moving to the opposite end of the country or to the major city in your state, leaving the home you’ve grown to love and cherish is never easy. From backyard birthday parties to movie nights with friends and family, your home is your safe space. But when it’s time to pack up, you may be nervous about how you’ll settle in an unfamiliar place. Don’t worry, we’ve been there too, and we’re here to help you acclimate into your new city with helpful advice. If you are after a more complete guide check out Mayflower’s Ultimate Moving Guide.


Change is good, but it’s also scary. Whether you’re moving alone or in with a partner or friend, you may find yourself lost in the new city you call home. Taking things slow will help you adjust to your surroundings and take it all in. It’s completely normal to feel sad, left out, and a bit nervous. But with the right attitude, you’ll be able to make friends, try new things, and create a brand new life filled with adventure and memories.  

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To begin, unpack your belongings and decorate your home or apartment that matches your personality. Organizing your home will also help you organize your thoughts and process your big life change.


Once you’re all settled, head out the door and get lost (as long as you have a charged phone). Doing so will allow you to be independent and get a better understanding of the area around you. There are plenty of map apps, food locators, and other resources you can use as you wander around your neighborhood. Who knows, maybe you’ll bump into someone, strike up a conversation, and make a new friend!

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Cities are crowded, making getting around a somewhat difficult task if you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going. Most cities have well thought out public transportation services, ranging from buses to subways and trolleys to trains. On a free weekend, test out the various transportation networks in your city to see how to get to and from work or to popular landmarks, restaurants, and destinations. 

While some cities like New York and Washington, D.C. have various public transit networks and are very walkable, others like LA and Houston are more spread out. If you’re moving to a city that lacks convenient transportation networks and are difficult to walk around, you may need a reliable car. You can save money and buy a used Mercedes-Benz, or go all in and buy a brand new car. Either way, do your research and find a vehicle that matches your budget and lifestyle.

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Putting yourself out there isn’t as easy as it seems. The trick when moving to a new city is to say, “yes” to everything. This will get you out of your comfort zone and meet new people and experience new places. If you don’t know where to begin, there are plenty of friend meetup apps that pair you with like-minded individuals in your area.

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Just because you moved doesn’t mean you have to leave your old friends behind. If you’re having trouble acclimating to your new city, your friends and family will know how to cheer you up and reassure you that everything will be okay. Your support system will never leave you, and they’ll be happy to hear from you, too. Whether you plan to video call or send a simple text, staying in touch with your friends and family will make you feel loved.

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The city you move to doesn’t have to be the only thing that’s new. Look at your big move as a new chapter with new beginnings. With that said, try picking up a hobby you never thought about doing before. The good thing about cities is that they’re filled with endless things to do, so finding a unique hobby shouldn’t be hard. Here are some potential hobbies you can consider trying:

●      Painting classes

●      Running/biking/fitness groups

●      Making jewelry

●      Creating a blog

●      Joining a book club

●      Baking/cooking/brewing beer

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You never know what’s going to happen when you move to a new city. That’s why it’s important to find necessary service providers such as doctors, dentists, veterinarians, dry cleaner, phone provider, etc. This way, if anything goes awry, you’ll be covered.


Don’t be nervous about your big move. Starting a new life in a city is a magical experience. With thousands of people around you, there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends, try new things, and make a home. Even with thousands of people, you can still blend in have your alone time, too. With these seven tips, you’ll settle into your new place in no time.


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