3 Ways to Check on Your Teen’s Abroad Trip


Every teen has a secret bucket list that they wants to achieve before turning in adults — a secret night out, crazy parties, and desire to travel without the supervision of parents. Yes, every teen has a secret desire to explore on their own or with their friends – adult free.

What can be more exciting than exploring new places, meeting new people, and enjoying new experiences without somebody telling you what to do and what not to do? But as exciting as this thought is for teens, this idea is not as enthralling for the parents.

The mere idea of sending their kids out for one day makes parents anxious. And when it’s about sending them for a trip abroad, then it’s a mental breakdown for parents. Many horrible stories sweep across their mind, which are enough to clench their heart.

Instead of stopping them, what you can do is to take measures to ensure that your kid will be safe no matter how far he is going on a trip. Here are the things which you can do to ensure that you get back your happy and safe kid:


Kids have their own privacy, and if they are going on a trip alone then they definitely want a feeling of freedom. But instead of being sorry later, it is better to take some prior precautions to ensure the safety of your kids in another location.

Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

Talk to your kids about different situations they might encounter during the trip. And with mutual consensus, you can track their mobile location to know where they are going or if they at in safe place. If you don’t know how to install a mobile tracking system, then you can search online ‘how to track a cell phone’, and you will get a guide that will provide different online tracking service providers.

This will ensure your peace of mind and a safe travel experience for them.


Obviously, your kid will need money while traveling abroad, and their expenditure can become your guide for their activities. Make sure you get online access to their credit card before sending them abroad.

Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash

Monitoring their credit card transactions will help you know their whereabouts, what they are doing, and where they are spending money. Also, you will know how much money they have or if they are not following the budget they should.


Teens’ social media use at home can be an issue for some parents. However, it can be a blessing while they are abroad. Thanks to the growing buzz of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, your teen is likely to keep his social media friends and followers updated about his activities. You can take advantage of it!

If you don’t have a social media account, then make a one, and follow your teen on social media. This will help you to stay updated about your kid’s activities during abroad travel.

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

No matter how wild your imagination gets while thinking of sending your teen kid abroad, still let them go. Let them experience a new world, let them accomplish their bucket list, and let them live their teen life to their fullest.

What you can do is to take measures to ensure the safety of your kid on an abroad trip, and all will be well!


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