Surviving the Holidays in NYC Post-pandemic


From the iconic Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and tons of historic museums, New York City is home to an endless list of attractions. This, alongside the fact that it’s one of the world’s most famous cities, would explain why New York City has always attracted tourists from around the world in their tens of millions each year.

However, things took a huge turn in 2020 after the Covid-19 pandemic struck the planet, with only 12.8 million visitors being recorded that year from a whopping 47.4 million visitors in 2019, the highest in more than a decade!

One could easily link this to the seemingly harsh travel restrictions, lockdowns, hotel closures, stay-at-home orders, and other measures that were put in place to contain the pandemic.

A New Dawn? 

Nonetheless, 2022 could clearly be considered a new dawn – at least by major players in NYC’s hospitality industry, with holiday bookings in hotels and restaurants soaring incredibly toward the post-pandemic holidays. And as much as there’s flexibility and freedom compared to a year or two back, this means that holiday-makers in NYC will have a whole new challenge to deal with.

Tips for a Rewarding Holiday Experience in NYC Post-Covid

Whether you live in the big Apple or planning a family vacation there, here are some tips you could use to ensure a memorable post-pandemic holiday in New York City.

Make Travel and Hotel Bookings in Advance 

Whether you’ll be traveling or spending the holidays at home, you will always need a plan. Now, planning a trip to New York City will require you to start making travel arrangements as early as you can. At the very least, make sure to schedule flights and book hotel accommodation as early as a few weeks before your intended travel date.

Especially when traveling with kids, planning ahead increases your chances of getting a stress-free travel experience and a memorable holiday overall.

Consider Bringing a Hostess Gift 

Right now, it is safe to assume that millions of people have a high appetite to spend their holidays in NYC. Assumedly, a giant portion of them has already booked accommodation in the best hotels from Upper East Side to lower Manhattan. With this in mind, having a relative or friend to host you for the holiday can come in handy, but don’t just come empty-handed.

Bringing a hostess gift like a bouquet of flowers is an amazing way to show your gratitude and appreciation for hospitality. And thanks to the likes of Bouqs Co, you can even have the blooms sent before your arrival. Such lovely gifts also double up as a way to wish happy holidays to your host and even express goodwill to family members with whom you’ve had a previous misunderstanding.

Depending on whether it will be an event, a family get-together, or a simple stay in your host’s home, other hostess gift options to consider include:

  • A pack of candies/chocolate
  • A bottle of wine
  • Food items

Pack Enough Warm Clothing 

Besides being busy, fairly hectic, and super exciting, New York City is much more likely to be freezing cold, oftentimes getting colder than the rest of the country/world as the holiday season approaches. This means that your summer vacation checklist just won’t cut it.

Especially since respiratory infections like Covid are more likely to occur and accelerate in cold temperatures, including one or two warm coats, beanies, sweaters, socks, a scarf, and a pair of warm gloves can be a sure way to stay healthy and survive the holidays in NYC.

Don’t Skimp on Travel Insurance 

During the holidays, New York can be somewhat crowded. This congestion may (or may not) mean a higher risk of catching a communicable disease, getting into an accident, or losing your luggage. Moreover, just like most other cities, the Big Apple is not short of several neighborhoods with high crime rates.

From Midtown to East Harlem, Hunts Point, and Bushwick, there are many places where you could get mugged or assaulted in NYC. While taking precautions to stay safe when traveling, carrying travel insurance can protect you by covering injuries, illnesses, and financial losses that you may accidentally incur while on holiday abroad in NYC.

If you are like many people, you probably believe that holidays should be fun, relaxing, peaceful, comfortable, and incredibly memorable. The above few tips can help ensure just this for you in your NYC holidays post-covid.


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