Why You Should Discover the Magic of Yankee Stadium


Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, a trip to New York’s Yankee Stadium is considered a pilgrimage by many. The home of the New York Yankees; Yankee Stadium is one of the biggest sporting icons in the whole of New York City. The current Yankee Stadium isn’t the original; the Yankees opted to build a brand-new stadium in 2009, just one block north of their previous home.

Photo by  edwin josé vega ramos  from  Pexels
Photo by edwin josé vega ramos from Pexels

It’s a feat of engineering, considering that the Yankees wanted to retain much of the character and charm of their original home. They’ve even incorporated the same style of copper frieze that offers a traditional façade and a nod to the good old days. Although it’s not the same hallowed turf that the likes of Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio showcased their talents on, it’s still a great experience with a vibrant atmosphere that offers fun for all the family.

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The Yankees are actually a pretty good team. In fact, they are regarded as the most successful sports franchise across all of America’s four major league sports – football, basketball, ice hockey and, of course, baseball. They are one of the leading contenders to win the 2019 MLB World Series for the first time in a decade. Prior to their last World Series win in 2009, the Yankees had won an unprecedented 26 World Series titles, making them the most dominant team in Major League Baseball (MLB).


If you want to travel to Yankee Stadium via the Subway, the stadium has its own stop on East 161st Street and River Avenue. The Number 4 train (East) and B and D trains (West) stop here, with journeys from Midtown Manhattan taking just 25 minutes max.

Photo by  Fancycrave.com  from  Pexels
Photo by Fancycrave.com from Pexels

The Yankee Stadium also has its own above-ground train station on the Hudson Line, taking you out of the vicinity via the MTA Metro-North Railroad.

Bus users can also stop at 161st Street and River Avenue on the Bx6 and Bx13 routes.


You can get tickets to a weekday Yankees game for as little as $12-14. Prices rise considerably for the weekend games due to the increased demand.

Beware, most Yankees games do sell-out, regardless of whether it’s a weekday or weekend. The best-value seats are often found in the Bleacher sections; that’s because some of these seats have obstructed views of the outfield play. If you want the best possible view of the action, the Legends Suite is where it’s at, although the Field Setions 114A-127A and the Main second level 213-227B also offer a great view of the game and the dugouts.


Don’t forget to tie in a Yankees game with a visit to the Yankees Museum, which is jam-packed with memorabilia from the Yankees’ bygone heroes. Behind-the-scenes tours of Yankee Stadium are also available, with holders of the New York Pass able to gain free entry to the tours. Visitors that don’t have an NY Pass can buy them online for just $20.


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