The Grand Paradise

Roxanne Kidd, Tori Sparks, Wil Petre, Brendan Duggan -   Photograph by Darial Sneed
Roxanne Kidd, Tori Sparks, Wil Petre, Brendan Duggan – Photograph by Darial Sneed

I’ve always wanted to experience the 1970’s; a hazy, groovy, colorful time where rules were little to none, and people drifted from place to place without the stresses of being reachable 24/7 via a cell phone. There is something elusive and desirable about that life style, especially in the world today where bad news shrouds the media. The Grand Paradise gave me that escape. That step back in time. It was exactly what I needed on a rainy summer night. 

Ashley Robicheaux, Niko Tsocanos -   Photograph by Darial Sneed
Ashley Robicheaux, Niko Tsocanos – Photograph by Darial Sneed

After checking our bags (and phones – GASP!), we were invited to board a “plane” set for the 70’s. Upon arriving at our destination, we were greeted with lei’s and invited to watch a dreamy, underwater performance of what could only be called underwater interpretive dance in a human size aquarium. I immediately felt as if a psychedelic haze had past over me and accepted it with open arms. 

Tara O'Con, Joshua Reaver -   Photograph by Darial Sneed
Tara O’Con, Joshua Reaver – Photograph by Darial Sneed

I’m not going to give away what you’ll experience at The Grand Paradise because that will ruin the mystery, however, I will say that from what I could tell, it is more of an experience than a story. You’ll leave with new perspectives on life, and that is refreshing in a world where people accept a fate of mediocrity and social conforming far too much. 

Elizabeth Carena -   Photograph by Third Rail Projects
Elizabeth Carena – Photograph by Third Rail Projects

Created by the Third Rail Productions, hailed as one of the foremost companies creating site-specific, immersive and experiential dance-theatrer in the United States, The Grand Paradise is an interactive theatrical experience where guests are part of the show. Third Rail Productions has made work in New York, nationally, and abroad for over 15 years. Their longest-running, award-winning work, Then She Fell, was named as one of the “Top Ten Shows of 2012” by The New York Times and claimed to be one of the best theatre experiences by Vogue Magazine

Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, Erik Abbott-Main, Jessy Smith -   Photograph by Third Rail Projects
Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, Erik Abbott-Main, Jessy Smith – Photograph by Third Rail Projects
Roxanne Kidd -   Photograph by Darial Sneed
Roxanne Kidd – Photograph by Darial Sneed

So grab a drink, put on your grooviest outfit, and head to The Grand Paradise for a night you’ll never forget. 


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