Ireland Travel Guide

About Ireland

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. It is separated from Great Britain to its east by the North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St George’s Channel.


Items needed to prepare for your trip



The Three Day Guide to Ireland

Join me as a guide you through must-see spots in Ireland. This guide covers Galway, Connemara and Westport.


The Ultimate Irish Culinary & Drinking Experience

Relaxed yet elegant, this award winning restaurant serves Irish cuisine using local and seasonal produce.


Live Like the Lady of the Manor at This 18th Century Irish Mansion

Castlemartyr Resort is an 18th century classic manor house that lies adjacent to the ruins of an 800 year old castle originally built by the Knights Templar. Today it has been flawlessly renovated to be a 5-star luxury resort (one of the best in Europe).


Spend the Night in an Irish Castle From the 15th Century

Lough Eske Castle, a five-star castle hotel located on a secluded lakeside estate just outside Donegal Town, has a rich history dating back to the 1400s. Associated with the O’Donnell Clan, the founding fathers of Donegal, the property is based in the northwest region of Ireland.


Dine Like a King at Cedar Grill Restaurant in Donegal, Ireland

Cedar Grill proved that Irish food is more than simple stews and potatoes.